We build maps and tools to enable better, safer adventures


Adventures in the outdoors uniquely connect us with our deepest selves – they feed our souls and help us to understand and develop who we are.

To inspire ideas, share stories, take decisions and make sense of the great outdoors, early humans created maps of our wild places.  At their core, maps are answers.  A way of passing down knowledge and expertise from person to person, generation to generation.  But they are also food for the imagination, representing a world of opportunity.  A blank canvas to create your own story of discovery and adventure.

Today the questions we ask in the outdoors are ever growing more complicated – from how to safely navigate complex mountain terrain to calculating avalanche risk at that instant – and the adventures we seek, ever more personal – whether it’s an afternoon in the forest with the kids or a first ascent in the greater ranges.  But the maps we produce for the outdoors have not kept pace with the questions we ask of them. 

It is a complex space where knowledge is very local, bound to people and existing channels don’t provide the information exchange that exists in other digital experiences.  That is why we believe that the world today needs a completely new type of outdoor map.

FATMAP was founded by two friends and kindred spirits in the search for mountain adventures. A unique combination of passion and experience in mapping, mountains and technology, fuelled by frustration with the tools available, led us to embark on a journey to re-imagine how technology could be used to enhance our adventures in the great outdoors.

“Over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity”

– John Muir

The Team

Explorers, adventures, skiers, map lovers and mountain professionals. We bring our unique combination of the outdoors, maps and technology to build maps that empower us to explore.

MIsha Gopaul

Co-Founder & CEO

David Cowell

Co-Founder & CTO

Michael Halbherr FATMAP Chairman

Michael Halbherr


Markus Ort

Head of Map Design

Adam Robinson Head of Digital

Adam Robinson

Head of Digital

Paulius Liekis

Head of 3D

Matt Doyle

Head of North America

Anki Delfmann

Head of UX Design


Oliver Woodgate

Head Content & Community

Illya Sparkes-Santos

Location Technology

Sam Eve

Head of Operations


Emily Millns

North American Marketing


Matt Allbuery

Lead Front End Developer

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